Hey Composters!

Why all this excitement about compost? Why does Compost ROck? Well it has to do with keeping the nutrients from our food, which were once alive, in our food cycle.

When food scraps or plants end up in the red bin and go to landfill, they cause a huge problem. Food scraps get trapped between all the plastic and rubbish, and when they decompose they create methane – a greenhouse gas way more damaging than carbon dioxide – which rises to the surface into the atmosphere. At the same time the moisture from the decomposing foods (and plants) causes leachate, which trickles down through the rubbish taking with it any chemicals or acids in the landfill and sometimes entering the water table.

Keeping food scraps out of landfill helps keep our water safe, reduces methane, and keeps the valuable nutrients from our food where they belong – in the food cycle! Old food – compost – becomes food – nutrient rich soil – for new food our veggies and plants! KOOOL, hey?

It’s super easy and fun to get involved in the incredible process of making compost! Whether you have a small bokashi bin in your kitchen, take your kitchen caddy out to the green bin, or have your own compost bin in your yard, we can help you work out how you can contribute to making fantastic compost! Are you ready to get composting?

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