June 03, 2016

This World Environment Day – take a load off! Sit down with your family and watch the first Compost ROcks FABisode; starring dirtgirl, scrapboy and Costa the garden gnome. 

Then make a choice to do something good for the world on World Environment Day!

Sign up to Costa’s Compost Academy (for free!) and learn about how the little things that you can do in your home… can make a big difference to the planet. Understanding what can and can’t go in your organics bin makes a huge difference to the processing of this precious resource. If you don’t have a kerbside organics bin, having a compost bin or worm farm at home is a fun family project that will make the planet, the soil and many worms very happy!

Keeping organics – food scraps and garden material out of landfill is one of the simplest things we can do, to make a massive difference to the planet’s health. Getting this right, can stop our local landfill from creating extra methane and leachate …which pollutes our air and water. Nobody wants to knowingly contribute to making more pollution!

So sign up, rock your compost and have a Happy World Environment Day!

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