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Keeping all your kitchen scraps and sending them either to your organics bin or your own compost bin is a great way to look after our planet. It’s all about keeping the nutrients out of landfill and in the natural cycle of food production. Your old apple core is still jam packed with nutrients. These nutrients become the nutrients in the compost. Compost applied to our gardens and farms share the nutrients with the soil. The soil feeds the nutrients to the plants. Many of these plants are the fruit and veggies we eat everyday! It’s an amazing cycle of nutrient rich life.

So it’s important to have all the tools you need for helping our food and kitchen scraps along their way.

First of all – a knife and chopping board. If your kitchen scraps are too big – like a whole cabbage that you forgot was in the bottom of the crisper and is too old to eat – chop it up into smaller pieces so that it breaks down into compost more quickly.

Next – find a good kitchen caddy. You can get them from many councils, gardening and hardware shops but it’s also fun to find your own individual caddy. Try checking around at second hand shops or garage sales to find a container that will work for your kitchen. Find one with a good lid that seals well to keep out any insects. Also choose one that is medium sized so that you have to empty it every other day – then it won’t get smelly.

You might find something you can decorate. You could draw pictures of what can go in it on it, so that everyone knows how to use it. It could be a fun family project!

Thirdly – use your caddy to hold your kitchen scraps… but don’t leave them too long, or they’ll go smelly!

Some people use liners in their compost caddy – if you do, make sure they are compostable, according to the Australian Standard (AS 4736) – NEVER put plastic bags in your caddy. Some people wrap their scraps in old newspaper, but you can also just leave it nude – just pop it straight in.

Finally – After emptying your caddy, give it a rinse out and leave it in the sun to air out for an hour and it will be ready to go again!

We’d love to see some pictures of your compost caddy! Do you have a cool one that you found or have decorated? Send a pic to our Instagram @dirtgirlworldofficial with #mycompostrocks! You might inspire someone else with your awesome compost caddy!

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