Do you have a green ‘organics’ bin at your house? Do you know what goes in it? Just like every part of this beautiful planet is different and unique – each local council green bin system is different.
Some councils have green bins that are just for Garden Organics. You can put in things that have grown in your garden such as lawn clippings, plant cuttings, small branches and leaves.

Other councils have the FOGO system – Food Organics and Garden Oorganics. This means that you can collect all your kitchen scraps and leftovers as well as your garden organic waste and pop them in your green bin, ready for your kerbside collection.

Some councils don’t have an organics kerbside collection service … yet.

Then main things you have to be careful to not put in the organics bin are things like rocks, soil, garden pots and equipment, big logs or building materials. And NEVER ever plastic bags.

To find out what kind of organics bin service you have at your place, look at the information on your bin or visit your local council’s website to find out more information. If you are not sure that something can go in the bin – there’s heaps of info on their sites as well. It’s best to know that you are doing it right so that when your green bin organics reach their place of processing, contamination doesn’t slow down the process of turning your green organics into awesome compost for the planet!

Next bin night , let’s get our bin right!

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