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Compost PictureWorm Tech Pty Ltd produces and supplies 100% Australian compost worm products. After 20+ years growing wine grapes, seed crops, garlic, vegetables and fruit in the Riverina using chemical fertilisers, we decided to incorporate natural fertilisers into our farming practices. The increase in quality, production and overall plant and soil health was obvious!

Today, our aim is to provide natural fertilisers that:

  • Benefit the environment
  • Are better for human health
  • Improve plant resistance to disease and pests naturally
  • Enrich soil and plants chemically free
  • Promote better flowering and fruiting

We are 100% Australian Made and Owned. All our products are made using chemical-free natural ingredients. Our products are sent straight to your door within 7-10 working days. This means you get high quality fresh products which – unlike some – sit on shop shelves for months. Our worms are packed fresh when ordered and payment has been made.

Adrian & Deanne Raccanello
Managing Directors

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Opening hours:

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.
Saturday 9am-12 noon
Sunday – closed


Posted on

24 May 2016

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