This is me with Spyro Kalos from Mobile Muster and while he isn’t exactly ROcking organics … he is rocking recycling! Mobile phones are definitely NOT for your green or yellow bin, even though more than 90% of their components can be recycled. Just like my tin-can phone, scrapboy!

Did you know that in Australia it is estimated there are 25 MILLION mobile phones (one for every person who lives here) in cupboards and drawers – just waiting to be recycled?

Have you seen the Mobile Muster bins at phone shops, electrical stores and other places around? Just pop your old phone in one of the collection bins and it will be taken care of. As much as possible will be gathered from the phone, to make new materials. Find your nearest location here: If you don’t have a collection bin near you, you can get a FREE POST satchel from any Post Office. See – it’s easy peasy to recycle your phone.

dirtgirl x


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