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Breaking Wind!
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Have you seen the new campaign video? Costa for Minister of Compost? Will you vote number one for compost at your place? read more…

Interesting people I met in Coffs Harbour #74

This is me with Spyro Kalos from Mobile Muster and while he isn’t exactly ROcking organics … he is rocking recycling! Mobile phones are definitely NOT for your green or yellow bin, even though more than 90% of their components can be recycled. Just like my tin-can phone, scrapboy! read more…

REAP Coffs Harbour Rocks!

It was great to attend Waste 2016 last week and meet lots of people who are helping to keep food out of landfill.


Me with REAP volunteer Colleen.

One of these groups is REAP Coffs Harbour. It is a regional chapter of Sydney’s ‘OzHarvest’. Led by founder Julie, REAP rescues food that is about to be thrown away from supermarkets, bakeries, cafes and restaurants … and give it to families in need. Any food they can’t share is taken to a local community garden where it is fed to the animals or made into yummy compost!

In just 2 years this happy band of 30 volunteers has saved a whopping 65 TONNES of food from going to landfill! That’s FANTASTIC, but they do ask themselves every day “why is there so much leftover food?”

REAP is always happy to pick up extra and leftover local food. Luckily, local building company Hibbard Homes sponsors their fuel costs. (YAY!)  REAP has also recently raised $50,000 to purchase a refrigerated truck and they are currently seeking spare cool room space so they can store food longer.

To donate food or cash to REAP Coffs Harbour you can contact Julie on 0421 430 175.

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Did you know? Compost ROcks!

Welcome to Compost Rocks! This is where you can find out about all things compostable! This is a project to help families and households in NSW understand more about recycled organics (aka compost) – why they’re important, what they are, how they’re made and how they can be used!  read more…

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