What an absolute treat it was to attend the Parliamentary launch for International Composting Awareness Week 2016. Here I am standing with Her Majesty the Queen, who was present at the launch, well, kind of.

It was great to have people from all walks of life joining us at the launch – people from the compost industry; people from food manufacturing and processing, councils, of course members of parliament were there too, along with compost makers and compost ingredient collectors. There were also the compost enthusiasts: long time compost educators and one garden gnome complete with live worms in a silver platter.

I was fortunate enough to be asked to address the assembled gathering and to finish with I set a goal and a vision for compost… yes I created a mission compostable inside the parliament! What was this mission compostable? I hear you ask.

That within five years there should be a Minister for Compost and that all projects and all decisions made in the Parliament will all go before the Minister for compost for final approval.

And the one simple question that the Minister for Compost will ask about any project will be: “Does this project build compost or does it add to waste?”

In fact it’s a question that we can all ask ourselves every single day: “Are my actions building compost and  fertility opportunities, or are they adding to waste and destruction of our soils?”

Humble gnome-servant

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