Do you want to win an ACADEMY award?

From now until 13 November we’re getting ready for the ‘Costa’s Compost Academy Awards’ on the dirtgirlworld Facebook and Instagram pages. We want to give a big green thumbs up to people who believe #mycompostrocks, so we’ll be giving out prizes to people who are “rocking their green bins”.

As Costa the Garden Gnome says …  “We’re giving out prizes each week to people who are are rockin’ their green bin! … getting it right … nude, wrapped or compostable bagged … we’re celebrating people whose green bins are contaminate free and ready to be processed into awesome soil!”

On 5 December the ‘best of the best’ will bag an Academy Award – a Costa’s Compost Academy Award –  that is! 

Costa’s Compost Academy Awards … the nitty gritty!

We have weekly prizes for best compost caddy …
to enter take a picture or video of your kitchen compost caddy, tag it #mycompostrocks and share it on Facebook or Instagram! We’ll give away ONE prize each week from now until 13 November.

We also have other categories you can enter – see below – and we’ll announce the finalists during National Recycling Week, 13 November 2016. Costa’s Compost Academy Award Winners will be announced on World Soil Day, 5 December 2016.


We will announce finalists in the following EIGHT categories during National Recycling Week on 13 November 2016 on Facebook and Instagram.

1. Best compost caddy

Do you love your compost caddy? That sweet little transporter of food scraps. Have you decorated and customised yours or up-cycled something to create a caddy. We want to see the best compost caddy in the land. Weekly prizes and the best of the best will be the finalist in this best of categories!

2. Best organics kerbside collection bin

Are you a compost rockstar?  Do you now your kerbside organics bin rules and are getting them right. We are looking for the best green bin…an all organic wonder! That means no contamination – especially no plastic. Make sure you’re only putting the right things into your green bin! When you’ve got it rockin’, send us a pic of your compost rockstar organics bin!

3. Emptiest red bin

If you’re rockin’ your green bin and popping all your recycling into the yellow bin, your red bin should be pretty empty! That’s why we call it: the bin of last resort!  So, how empty is your red bin? We want to see!

4. Littlest Compost-er

Do you have a wee greenthumb at your place who knows how to rock the compost? Show us a pic of the littlest member of your tribe composting their food scraps!

5. Best ‘left-overs’ recipe

Stopping things from going to waste before they hit the bin is an awesome way to keep food nutrients in your tummy and out of landfill. We’re looking for a leftover leader…someone who has an awesome recipe to use up food rather than chuck it. Send a pic or vid and your recipe to be eligible for this category.

6. Best home compost

No recycled organics kerbside collection at your place? It’s OK.  We haven’t forgotten you. This category is for all you people rockin’ a compost system at your place!

7. Best community garden, kindy or school compost

Binning it right or doing it yourself on grand scale at school or in your community garden? Well this category is for you.

8. Home Grown – Most amazing garden grown using compost

Are you using recycled organic compost or homemade compost to nature your garden, verge or pot plant. We’d love to see your garden growing with the love of compost.


ONE ‘best compost caddy’ of the week prize every week until 13 November.
Prize: Compost caddy with compostable bin liners (to share the love of composting with someone you know who needs it!).

Category prizes: A golden gnome ACADEMY AWARD statue will be awarded to the winner of each category.
Awards announced on World Soil Day, 5 December.

Grand Prize: There will also be a SUPER MYSTERY PRIZE for our grand prize winner… our ‘Compost Rockstar’.

To celebrate the announcement of the Academy Award, dirtgirl, scrapboy and Costa the Garden Gnome will come to your place, pre-school, school or community garden and show Australia how to really rock the compost!

Terms and Conditions: To enter, simply share a photo that you have taken (or have permission to use) and tag it #mycompostrocks. You can enter on Facebook or Instagram. Competition ends at Midnight 12 November 2016 (AEDT). Competition open to Australian residents only.

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