July 21, 2016
Pssttt…FOGO towners. You folk with a Food Organics and Garden Organics council bin service…this important  info is for you!
You know your red bin?… the one that goes straight to landfill… do not pass go, do not collect $200!.. yup, that red bin.
Well did you know that on average across Australia, that red bin is carrying around 40% of stuff that just shouldn’t be in there. Yikes!
And that, that 40% is food stuff.   Double yikes!

Food scraps, stuff out of the fridge, stuff you couldn’t eat, stuff that is leftover,stuff inside jars,  stuff still wrapped or bagged that hasn’t had a look in before it gets chucked …all that stuff…all that FOOD stuff…all that great ORGANIC stuff…is heading straight to Landfill… even when people have a green  organics bin at their house. A green bin that is super hungry for exactly that stuff. A green bin that the council picks up and takes away each week to a place where is does so much good… a place where it’s made into compost that can be used to grow more food and keep our soil super healthy. A place that isn’t landfill! Yay!
Did you know that?
Are you doing that sorting thing at your place? Are you rocking it? do you need some more help or ideas. Well we are here to help. Double yay!

Go for gold with your green bin…head to compostrocks.com.au

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