Hello Greenthumbs!

Depending on whether you have a green FOGO (food organics, garden organics) bin, a garden organics bin or a home composting system – here are some things that you might not know you can compost! Check them out and see if these are things you can add to your organics bin routine.

  • Paper towels and pizza boxes. If you tear them up into smaller pieces they will break down easier!
  • Junk mail, flyers and magazines. If the paper is not too thick or glossy, tear them up smaller and pop them in. Not too much at once though!
  • Desserts and processed foods. Depending on what type of home compost you have, some people say not to put in things like cakes and biscuits, because they can attract rodents. But if you have a compost bin that is closed and off the ground, or you are using the green FOGO bin, then you can put in these sweet things.
  • Coffee grounds: the compost loves it and so will your plants!

There is lots of variation in things that can and can’t be composted, depending on what your local ORF can process. Check out what you can put in in your green bin system on your council website. Get in touch with your home composting system by keeping an eye on it and be on the look out for rodents – turn on your ‘compost intuition’!

More tips on compost coming your way in the next blog!

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