Do you hate having to deal with a whole heap of food scraps that you have to put somewhere? Then wait till it rots, then dig it into a garden? Is that too annoying for you? Well I have a solution for you! A worm hotel! Have you seen them around yet? They are the latest in easy home composting. They are the easiest in all the methods of putting your food nutrients straight back into the soil. All you need to do is get a piece of plumbing or other pipe with a diameter of about 20 cm and a length of about a metre. Drill large holes in the bottom half of the pipe and burry end that straight into your flower garden, veggie patch, large planter, beside a tree or in your verge garden. Find an old saucer, or anything that will cover the top and be heavy enough to stay on by itself. Now you are ready to compost! Just start feeding your kitchen scraps in the pipe. If you cut scraps up small they will break down really quickly as the worms come up through the soil to feed, aerating the soil and providing worm castings to the area. Any plants in the vicinity will love this special worm treatment and will thrive and grow. That worm hotel filling up too quickly? Pop another in somewhere else you would like healthy plants and start feeding those worms! A win for you, a win for worms and a win for the soil and our planet.Keeping food scraps, and their nutrients out of Landfill. is super important.  In landfill, food scraps create methane and leachate – which is a real problem for our planet. Kept in the food cycle, your food scraps and their nutrients will rock the next generation of plants, trees and veggies. Want to learn more about worm hotels- and see them in action? Head to and sign up to Costa’s free e-course where you can watch the webisodes with your family and become a soil and compost expert! We’d love to find out how your compost is rocking at your place! Take a pic or share a vid and tell us how you are rocking compost with #mycompostrocks and win a visit from the stars of Compost Rocks when you win the Compost Academy Awards! Click the link to find out more about the categories and prizes!

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