Do you consider yourself a good person? Someone who looks out for others, doesn’t litter, gives to charity, is kind to animals, knows your kid’s names (if you have any), the date of your mum’s birthday, keeps gluten free bread in your house for your gluten intolerant bestie, composts…

People who care are getting into composting …big time.
Cause they’ve worked out a couple of things. Not composting and sending our organics waste to landfill… is polluting the planet.
NO! How?
Well, food and garden waste in landfill makes methane which is an even worse climate change causing gas than Carbon dioxide.
But on the happy side of the coin…. treating our  organic waste the right way…By composting…. feeds our future food and keeps our soil healthy.
NO! How?
There are heaps of goodies…nutrients… still in our food and kitchen scraps and left overs and lawn clipping and old leaves that can be RECYCLED into new soil.
Surely not? 
Yes, it’s true.
We can recycle our organics and make awesome compost to feed our soil.
But I live in a flat …don’t have room for a compost tumbler…. don’t want to deal with mushy food waste at my place….insert your own excuse!
Well we’ve got good news for you.
So many councils across the state offer a kerbside collection service for your Organic waste. So it’s easy to recycle your organics (that’s your food and garden waste).
Just make sure it gets into the right bin, your organics bin, put your bin out on bin night and that’s it!
That’s it?…well that doesn’t sound so hard, but I still have questions!
Then you can head to , sign up to Costa’s Compost Academy or enrol in a free compost smarty pants course and do your bit for the planet by getting your green bin right next bin night.
Those who can …compost!

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