09 August 2016
Scary fact time.
The reason why councils all across NSW are upgrading their green bin service to collect FOOD scraps as well as Garden waste is that we are throwing out so much food and that wasted food is ending up in landfill where it is transformed into methane and leachate – polluting our planet… big time!

In Australia the average household chucks out 20% of the food they purchase. 20%!!!! That’s one out of every 5 bags of grocery that are bought.
What a waste!
But we can change all that. By caring how we handle our food scraps.
Here’s my top 5 tips to keep food out of landfill
1.     Buy less food…Make a weekly menu and shop to a plan.
2.    Pig out on leftovers.
3.    Buy what you will eat.2 for 1 isn’t a bargain if ‘2’ just gets tossed.
4.    Get into composting. Divert food and kitchen scraps from landfill.
5.     Get some new pets…worms. A worm farm is a great way to manage food scraps.
Many councils across NSW collect food waste right outside your house at your weekly kerbside collection.
So why not get your head around getting your green bin right …with us!
We’re here to make it fun for you and great for the planet.
Let’s make binning a winning!

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