Why is comfrey so cool for our gardens?
Because it a super food for our soil!Comfrey is full of nutrients which enriches the soil and means that our plants and veggies will grow healthy and happy. Happy veggies make a healthy family!Comfrey is a fast growing herb. It is chocked full of potassium and nitrogen.
Your compost heap will love comfrey because it will help with  decomposition. Comfrey grows really deep roots that suck up nutrients and stores them in their big hairy leaves. The leaves break down quickly and those nutrients then go back into the soil. Keeping nutrients in the food cycle is so important!


You can cut the leaves and pop them straight into your compost.  You might want to wear gloves as sometimes the hairy leaves can cause itchiness. By adding comfrey to our home compost piles it helps make compost faster, adding nitrogen and heat to the system …awesome! You can  even spread the comfrey leaves as a mulch around your plants…double awesome.

Another way to feed our plants is to make some comfrey tea. Fill a container with the leaves and then add water. It will get really smelly and slimy, but this is how you know that it’s doing its job! Leave it for two weeks and then strain it into another container. you can pop a rock on the leaves to keep them under the water!  The sludge can go in your compost heap and the liquid can be kept in a sealed container, ready to dilute 1 part to 10 parts water and use when your plants needs a little bit of extra love.

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