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Welcome to Compost ROcks!
Get ready to rock the world of Recycled Organics!

dirtgirl, scrapboy and Costa the garden gnome want to share all they know about caring for a garden…and especially about one of their favourite things – Compost. 

They are on a mission to start a Compost Academy and share all their ideas, tips and ways of using compost.

They love compost – especially compost created from organics recycling…that’s the stuff that many of you are putting in your kerbside collected, green bin.

Meet the rock stars of recycled organics and find out just how awesome Compost is.

All over New South Wales, compost is being made from recycled organics.

It’s now up to us to use it! 

Compost is a natural soil conditioner and organic fertiliser … it’s powerful and mighty … it’s a super food … for (hipster) plants!

What is Compost ROcks?




Just like we can recycle cans and bottles …we can recycle our food scraps and garden waste…

our organics…into beautiful new healthy compost to feed our soil, feed our plants and grow more food!

Join the movement towards compost and away from landfill!

There are loads of Free fun ideas, challenges, prizes and FABisodes to watch.

Just click around to explore and don’t forget to sign up below to Costa’s Compost Academy or one of his compost courses to get heaps of exclusive stuff sent straight to you!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

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Costa’s Compost Academy on any page of the site.

Step 2. WATCH
the webisodes and download the DIRTorials. The blog will teach you how to turn your spoils into soils.

Step 3. SHARE
your compost triumphs on social media and enter our “missions compostable” to win great prizes.

Join Costa's Compost Academy

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Watch the latest Webisode

There are 10 webisodes in the series and each is on a different compost topic.

Join dirtgirl, scrapboy and Costa (AKA The New Tree Ants) sing, dance, chat and rap – literally – about their favourite thing …  compost!

Each webisode will be be launched in the Academy, right here on this site. You can’t see them on TV, so sign up today for the grubbiest fun you can have with organics waste.



Each webisode has an accompanying DIRTorial – a download full of key facts and a mission compostable to do at home and get your household in tune with composting.

Collect all 10, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a composting expert in no time at all!


Oh, and of course if you do print them out, they can be easily composted!

Compost Tips!

The Composter’s Digest blog provides members with heaps of facts and ROckin’ tips about compost. Stay tuned for the latest news from our Gnoming reporter as he creates missions compostable!

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